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Brick & Masonry specializes in brick cleaning, stone cleaning and paint removal. These days the appearance of buildings and surfaces suffer from modern day pollutants such as traffic, harsh weather, general neglect. The result are buildings with blackened, dirty appearances, which unfortunately takes the beauty and character away.
During the past few years cleaning technology has developed appreciably. Whilst the reasons for cleaning - maintenance or aesthetics - have not changed, cleaning a facade remains one of the most economic means of improving the appearance and hence increasing the value of a property.
We are used by builders, property developers and general home owners because all will get benefits of brick or stone cleaning, or paint removal from brickwork.
For residential owners it will add value to the home or enhance the features of a family home by restoration of the external features.
Owners of commercial properties will find that first impressions went a long way and brick and stone restoration helped generate more business.
It will also add value to the property and maximise return on investment for the property developers.
Our techniques include specially formulated chemicals for brick and stone cleaning. We also specialize in nebulous spray cleaning using specialist masonry chemicals.
We offer cost effective, competitive rates to clean up bricks and stone as well as remove paint from a variety of surfaces in London.
Quotations are free of charge on a no obligation basis.
We will also be able to offer you a free test panel, enabling you to see the eventual results.

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